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Old Settlers
Tuesday, 7 June 2005
Benita's memories of German friends and small town growing up
More about one of the "Homecoming" memories that often come to mind. What I am about to recount, may or may not have happened at the time we went to see my Grandmother when Aunt Etta brought her home to visit the farm.
At a certain "Homecoming," I remember a relative-in-law who had come from Chicago. He kept saying repeatedly, "I came to see what a small town is like on a Saturday night." In fact, he said it too much; so, we were very happy when evening began to fall and we were, finally, headed for Mecosta "to see what a small town is like on a Saturday night." OKAY?!? (Laughing)
Well, it was going to be a big night! A movie was going to be shown in the outdoor theater. Guess what the theater consisted of? A street curb to sit on and the side of a white corner building that acted as a screen for the projected film. I kid you not! I can't remember a thing about the movie itself, but I have a vague recollection of going to a drugstore to have treats from the soda fountain. However, I remember the ride back to Grandma's house, vividly, because the relative-in-law, began repeating, "Now, I know what it's like on a Saturday night in a small town." That became our theme song until "Homecoming" was over, the next day, and then our farewell song.
Lansing, MI had a large German population when I was growing up there. Many of our friends were German, so I learned the taste of goat's cheese and goat's milk -- ugh!!! -- and we ate sauerkraut and weiners. I loved the latter! In fact, we ate sauerkraut and weiners in our home, so regularly, that I didn't know it was considered German food. I was so disappointed to learn that I didn't like the product of the goat, because I had loved the book Heidi, and I had licked my lips in anticipation of enjoying Heidi's and her grandfather's favorite evening meal of goat's cheese on bread along with goat's milk. What a disappointment!!!
We lived in a trailer on the farm of German friends of ours, one summer, when I was a young girl. The mother and her daughter were musically gifted. The mother played the harp, and the daughter played the piano. They taught us how to sing every song in our hymn book. Some days, we would take a picnic lunch, and do our ministry work in a rural area. During lunch times, we'd park the car on the side of a quiet, country road, and we would sing together, the mother and daughter adding harmony. It was a beautiful and memorable experience.

courtesy of Benita Porter.

Posted by bneson at 10:36 PM EDT

Wednesday, 14 February 2007 - 5:03 AM EST

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