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Old Settlers
Sunday, 5 June 2005
Floyd E. Porter's Obit 1902-1994
The following is an excerpt from my father's obituary, written by Marguerite Berry Jackson.

" Floyd E. Porter, age 92, died April 15, 1994. He was born March 10, 1902, in Morton Township, Meekest County, Michigan to Emmett E. and Ida Ann (Lett) Porter. The seventh child in a family of eleven children,* his parental heritage comes from the earliest Black Settlers in Cass and Mecosta Counties.

James Porter, (his grandfather), came from Kentucky via the Underground Railroad to Cass County and later served in the 109th Colored Infantry during the Civil War. His mother's father, Gabriel Lett, came from Mechanicsburg, Ohio to Michigan in 1882 in a covered wagon drawn by oxen.

Marguerite said Gabriel's former slaveowner -- master had given him papers stating that he had been set free, as well as, two white oxen and a covered wagon for the journey north. However, because freedom papers weren't always honored, Gabriel headed straight for the Pennsylvania border. It was the quickest and safest route out of the South in those days. He and Mary stopped in Mechanicsburg, Ohio so that she could give birth, Marguerite believed, to my grandmother, Ida Ann Lett. How long they may have stayed in Mechanicsburg, before continuing on up into Michigan, she did not know.

In 1923, Mr. Porter went to Lansing, Michigan and resided there for 71 years. During that tenure, 35 years were spent working under 3 presidents at Michigan State University. Upon his retirement program from M.S.U., the story of his life was recorded in the M.S.U. Voice Library,"

Posted by bneson at 9:13 PM EDT
Samuel Delaney Lett and Mary 1700's
Mary Lett was born circa 1706. In Maryland in 1728 & 1730 a woman named Mary was convicted of having "Molatto" children by a negro. She was the
mother of children named; (A) Sarah born before August 1728 and (b) Zachariah born in 1731.

According to the Samuel Delaney Lett family oral history, Samuel's mother, a white woman, married Zachariah Lett (mixed race) and her son Samuel
Delaney so respected Zachariah's treatment of his mother that he took the Lett surname as his own. Samuel Delaney Lett was born circa 1737.
The positive to this account places the ensuing generations of 1.2 brothers, Aquilla and Zachariah in the same generation. Further, it could account for why descendents of Samuel Delaney Lett's children and those of Zachariah Lett II. are found in the same areas in proximity to one another.

Other common attributes shared by these families are the fact that all of the children of the ensuing families are taken from the bible. Further the Zachariah Lett family oral history claims to be cousins to the Samuel Delaney Lett by virtue of the 1/2 bother status of Samuel and Zachariah.

My 1920 note goes on to list the children of Zachariah & Henrietta as being; Daniel, Jim, Israel, Ephraim, Cornelius, Caleb, McKenzie, Rachel, & Stacey.

The same note goes on the point out that Caleb Lett's wife Abagail Thomas was the 1/2 sister to Isaac Clifford father of John W. Clifford, Editor of
The Pioneer Press Newspaper of West Virginia. The marriage is supported by findng the Caleb Letts in the census of Hardy Count Virginia in 1850 &

courtesy of Robert Lett

Posted by bneson at 9:11 PM EDT
Thomas Cross Civil War info
Thomas Cross (First_Last)
Regiment Name 5 U.S. Col'd. Infantry
Side Union
Company C
Soldier's Rank_In Pvt.
Soldier's Rank_Out Pvt.
Alternate Name Thomas W./Cross
Film Number M589 roll 20
African American Civil War Memorial
Displayed as: Thomas Cross
Plaque Number: A-14

Posted by bneson at 9:04 PM EDT
Margaret Lett's Will 1873
Margaret Lett's Will (Wife of James Lett
Posted by: James (Jimmy) E. Lett Date: April 12, 1999

In the matter of the Estate of Margaret Lett, deceased

This day the last will and testament of Margaret Lett, deceased late of Muskingum County was produced in writing in open court and duly proved by the oaths of James Eakin and Joseph Tate, the two attesting and subscribing witnessed thereto, whose testimony was reduced to writing and filed and it appearing to the satisfaction of the court that the said testator Margaret Lett, was, at the time of executing her said last will and testament of full age, of sound mind and memory, and not under any restraint.

It was ordered by the Court the said last will and testament be and the same is hereby admitted to probate and that the same together with the said testimony so reduced to writing and filed as aforesaid be recorded.

In the name of the Benevolent Father of all, I Margaret Lett do make this my last will and testament.

Item first)
I devise and bequeath to my two sons John and Samuel Lett for the purpose of raising and schooling my three minor children, to wit; Judson Leander and Elmer Lett until they come to the age of twenty-one years all the personal property that I may be in possession of at the time of my decease, to wit; three head of horses being one Bay Mare one Brown Mare and one three year old brown horse colt horse, milk cows two yearling heifers- two spring calves- seventy five head of sheep- seven head of hogs- two wagons one carriage two ploughs two harnesses and one cane mill and one horse rake six sets of old farm harness the undivided half of one hay fork and gearing for the same and all other farming utensils that may be on the farm at the time of my decease also three hundred and fifty bushels of corn and one hundred bushels of oats and all the household and kitchen furniture that I may be in possession of at the time of my decease.

Item second)
I devise and bequeath that my son Judson Lett shall have the Brown three-year-old colt with a new saddle and bridle (named in item first) with the addition of one fine suit of clothes and a new Bible when he is twenty-one years of age.

Item 3rd)
I devise and bequeath that my two youngest sons Leander and Elmer Lett shall each have a colt saddle and bridle when they reach the age of twenty-one years and that each of them shall have a fine suit of clothes and a new Bible at the same time.

Item 4th)
I devise and bequeath that my five children, to wit; John, Samuel, Judson, Leander and Elmer Lett shall each have a bed and bedding and one new Bible except such that has been bequeath a Bible in the foregoing items.

Item 5th)
I devise and bequeath to my daughter, Lenora Lett, my sidesaddle and bridle with a colt worth fifty dollars or the equivalent.

Item 6th)
And further it is my wish and desire that my minor children, to wit; Judson, Leander and Elmer Lett of whom I am the guardian by will and by nature, maintained on this farm in harmony with the provisions of the will of my late husband James Lett, deceased, and that John and Samuel Lett, two of my sons, be appointed guardian for that purpose.

Item 7th)
I further devise that if there should be any of my property left after fulfilling the foregoing bequeaths at the time my youngest son Elmer Lett becomes of age it shall be sold and equally divided between the above named six heirs and my George W. Lett, and my daughter Malind Mary Brown. I devise that an appraisement under the sale of my personal property be made and that the Court of Probate direct the execution of the same, in pursuance of the Statute. I do hereby revoke all former wills by me made. In testimony hereof I have herewith set my hand and seal this twenty-fifth day of December in the year 1871.

Margaret Lett (seal)

Signed and acknowledged by said Margaret Lett as her last will and testament in our presence and signed by us in her presence.

James Eakin
Joseph Tate

Posted by bneson at 9:03 PM EDT
James Lett's will 1863
James Lett's will
Posted by: James E. Lett Date: April 12, 1999

The State of Ohio :: Muskingum County
Probate Court within and for said County
APRIL 23, 1863

This day the last will and testament of James Lett, deceased late of Muskingum County Ohio was produced in writing in open court and duly proved by the oaths of William McIntire and William Sims, the two attesting and subscribing witnesses to said will, whose testimony in this behalf was reduced to writing and duly filed, and thereupon it appearing to the court from the said testimony that said will was duly executed and attested and that said testator James Lett, was, at the time of executing and signing the same of full age and sound mind and memory, and free from any restraint. It is therefore that the Court ordered that said last will and testament be, and the same is hereby admitted to probate and that the same together with the said testimony and this entry be duly recorded.

In the name of the Benevolent Father of all, I James Lett of Meigs Township Muskingum County, Ohio, do make and publish this my last will and testament.

Item first)
I give and devise to my beloved wife in lieu of her dower the use of the farm on which I now reside situated in Meigs Township Muskingum County Ohio, containing two hundred and ninety acres more or less until my youngest child becomes of age, then the farm to be sold and divided among my children, John Lett, Samuel Lett, Mary Linn Lett, Judson Lett, Lenora Lett, Leander Lett, and Alfred Elmer Lett, also one bay mare, one bay horse and one brown mare also six head of milch cows also all of my sheep also all of my hogs also one carriage and all of the wagons and all of the farming utensils also all of the household and kitchen furniture of every description, for the raising, educating and maintaining my said children until they become of age, and then the land and all of my personal property to be sold and distributed as aforesaid and my wife to have her thirds in money, and after the proceeds of the sale if there should be any more than one thousand dollars to each of my children now named in this will then what should be over to be equally divided between those named in the will and George Washington Lett is to have an equal share of the balance as I have gave him a farm in Michigan valued at one thousand dollars which is his share, and then my personal property which is on hand to be all sold, my funeral expenses and just debts be all fully paid from the proceeds of said property.

Item second)
I do hereby nominate and appoint John James executor of this my last will and testament, hereby authorizing and empowering him to compromise adjust release and discharge in such a manner as he may deem proper the debts due me, I do also authorize and empower him to sell the personal property not mentioned in this will and pay as aforesaid stated with the proceeds the aforesaid debts.

In testimony hereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 21st day of March in the year of our Lord 1863.

Signed and acknowledged by said James Lett in our presence and signed by us in his presence.
William Sims
William McIntire

James X Lett (seal)

Posted by bneson at 8:55 PM EDT
History of Guys: as written by James A. Guy
Ages of Ancestors
Posted by: James E. Lett Date: April 12, 1999

James A. Guy, son of Amos Guy and a member of the LETT SETTLEMENT, gives us more information about some of the other residents of the settlement. He tells us that James Guy Sr., his father, was born on August 8, 1772 in Anna Arundle, County, Maryland. He was the son of a nobleman (Englishman) and the progenitor of all the Guys in Southeastern Ohio. Everybody called him Granddad Guy. He married Deborah Ridgley. **ON WEBSITE**

Their children:
Loyd Guy born in 1799 married Peggy Caliman (his cousin). Andrew Guy born in 1801 married Martha Beard. Harry A. Guy born in 1803 married Tobias Hance. Henrietta Guy born in 1805 married Sol Lett. Lydia Guy born in 1807 married Charles Brown. Amos C. Guy born in 1810 married Ann Caliman. James Guy, Jr. born in 1813 married Polly Caliman (his cousin and sister to Ann). **ON**

Allen Guy born in 1815 married Nancy Pointer. William Guy born in 1817 married Francis Harper (she may have been his half-sister). Samuel Guy born in 1820 married Phoeba Pearl. Elisha Guy born in 1822 was a bachelor. Sarah Guy born in 1824 married John Tate. John Tate and Aquilla Lett together sued the state of Ohio in 1864 for not accepting their right to vote. **ON**

The children of Amos C. Guy and wife, Ann Caliman born August 8, 1813, are as follows:

James A. Guy was born on December 11, 1831 and married Ann Simpson. Henrietta Guy was born on December 25, 1833 and married her cousin Charles Brown. Deborah Guy was born August 21, 1836 and married Nelson Caliman, her cousin. Deborah and Nelson are the parents of Willis Caliman, who was the father of Ruby Caliman Hayden and Harold Hadley Caliman. **ON**

Elisha Guy was born on April 15, 1840 and he married Mary Ellen King. Mary A. Guy was born March 22, 1844 and married John Lett. Amos C. Guy Jr. was born January 22, 1847 and married Marvella Smith. Margaret and Elizabeth Guy, twins, were born on July 13, 1850. Margaret married Charles Johnson. Martha Guy born June 3, 1853 married Benjamin Harris. Joseph Guy born May 22, 1856 married Elizabeth Johnson. **ON WEBSITE**

Mr. Guy also proceeds to tell us the ages of the original ancestors of the LETT SETTLEMENT.

Moses Caliman Sr. was born in 1761. He died in March of 1863 at the age of 102 years. He was born in Virginia and he was of German decent.

Henrietta Pearl Caliman was born in Virginia in 1768 and died in 1850 at the age of 82 years.

Meshach Lett was born in 1768 and died in 1848 at the age of 80 years. He was of German decent.

Turner Simpson, Sr. was born in Pennsylvania and died September of 1873 at the age of 73 years. He was of Indian decent-Sioux Tribe.

James Guy, Sr. died in 1866 at the age of 94 years.

Deborah Ridgley Guy was born in 1777 and died in 1842 at the age of 65 years. She was of English decent.

Posted by bneson at 8:54 PM EDT
Charlotte M. Claggett's obit (mother was a Lett) 1925-1997
March 11, 1925 - June 23, 1997

Charlotte M. Claggett was born to proud parents, Leona Lett and Charles Claggett on March 11, 1925 in Nowata, Oklahoma.
She grew up in Nowata and received her formal education through the Oklahoma Public Schools, graduating from High School in Kansas City, Kansas.

Charlotte was a warm bubbly person who enjoyed family and friends, yet quiet, but very strong willed.

Charlotte was well liked by her co-workers a Naval Supply Center where she worked for over ten years as a Computer Analyst.

She leaves to cherish her memory, her loving and devoted aunt who care for her after she became ill for over fifteen years: Mrs. Iva Rene Bea Lett; her cousins, other loved ones and a devoted extended family of friends.

courtesy of Jimmy Lett

Posted by bneson at 8:51 PM EDT
Billy Mize- singer (his mother was a Lett)
Billy Mize

Born April 29, 1929, in Kansas City , Kansas, Billy Mize was raised in the San Joaquin Valley of California.

He first learned to play guitar as a child, but converted to steel guitar when he received one for his 18th birthday.

Originally, he was influenced by the music of Bob Wills and when he moved to Bakersfield, he formed his own band and played residences and local venues.

He also worked as a disc jockey on KPMC. In 1953, he appeared on The Cousin Herb Trading Post Show on KERO- TV and became affectionately known as Billy The Kid.

In 1955, Billy began to appear on The Hank Penny Show on Los Angeles television. In 1957, his popularity grew to the extent that, for several years, he managed to appear on seven Los Angeles Stations weekly, including Town Hall Party, and still maintained his Bakersfield commitments.

He naturally developed into a television personality and, in 1966 and 1967, he became host singer of Gene Autry's Melody Ranch network show on KTLA.

Billy first recorded for Decca in the 50's and later for Challenge and Liberty , before making the US Country charts in 1966 with his Columbia recording of "You Can't Stop Me. " Between 1966 and 1977, he totaled 11 US chart entries, including his own composition "Make It Rain. "

Billy maintained rigorous schedules throughout the 60's and 70's, and appeared in the television series RFD Hollywood.

He later became a television producer with his own production company. He has also worked as a musician on numerous recording sessions, including playing steel and rhythm guitar on many of Merle Haggard's recordings .

Billy and his brother Buddy worked together on various television projects. Billy currently heads Billy Mize Productions, making television spectaculars with Merle Haggard.

Billy was inducted into the POWS in 2001.

source website http://www.seattlewesternswingmusicsociety.com/billymize.htm

Posted by bneson at 8:49 PM EDT
Benjamin Banneker 1731-1806
Benjamin Banneker
1731 - 1806

Resource Bank Contents

Benjamin Banneker -- author, scientist, mathematician, farmer, astronomer, publisher and urban planner -- was descended from enslaved Africans, an indentured English servant, and free men and women of color. His grandmother, Molly Welsh, was an English dairy maid who was falsely convicted of theft and indentured to a Maryland tobacco farmer. After working out her indenture, Welsh rented and farmed some land, eventually purchasing two African slaves whom she freed several years later.

In violation of Maryland law, Welsh wed one of her former slaves, Bannke or Bannaka, said to be the son of a chief. Their daughter Mary also married an African -- a man from Guinea who had been enslaved, baptized as Robert, and freed -- who took Banneker as his surname upon their marriage. In 1731, they named their first child Benjamin.

Young Benjamin grew up in Baltimore County, one of two hundred free blacks among a population of four thousand slaves and thirteen thousand whites. He was taught to read by his grandmother Molly, and briefly attended a one-room interracial school taught by a Quaker. He showed an early interest in mathematics and mechanics, preferring books to play.

At the age of 22, having seen only two timepieces in his lifetime -- a sundial and a pocket watching -- Banneker constructed a striking clock almost entirely out of wood, based on his own drawings and calculations. The clock continued to run until it was destroyed in a fire forty years later.

Banneker became friendly with the Ellicott brothers, who built a complex of gristmills in the 1770s. Like Banneker, George Ellicott was a mathematician and amateur astronomer. In 1788, with tools and books borrowed from Ellicott, Banneker nearly accurately predicted the timing of an eclipse of the sun, discovering later that his minor error was due to a discrepancy in his expert sources rather than a miscalculation on his part.

In 1791, Banneker accompanied Major Andrew Ellicott to the banks of the Potomac to assist him in surveying the new federal city that would become the nation's capital. A notice first printed in the Georgetown Weekly Ledger and later copied in other newspapers stated that Ellicott was "attended by Benjamin Banneker, an Ethiopian, whose abilities, as a surveyor, and an astronomer, clearly prove that Mr. Jefferson's concluding that race of men were void of mental endowments, was without foundation."

In 1792, Banneker published an almanac, based on his own painstakingly calculated ephemeris (table of the position of celestial bodies), that also included commentaries, literature, and fillers that had a political and humanitarian purpose. The previous summer, he had sent a copy of the ephemeris to Thomas Jefferson, along with a letter in which he challenged Jefferson's ideas about the inferiority of blacks.

Between 1792 and 1797, Banneker published six almanacs in twenty-eight editions. He continued to live alone, selling off and renting his land, then giving the rest to the Ellicotts in exchange for a small pension. He died in 1806. On the day of his burial, his house and its contents (including his clock) caught fire and burned to the ground.

Image Credit: Maryland Historical Society

Posted by bneson at 8:47 PM EDT
Saturday, 4 June 2005
1880 US Census, Jeremiah W. Myers family
Household Record 1880 United States Census

Search results | Download Previous Household Next Household


Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Jeremiah W. MYERS Self M Male MU 70 MD Farmer MD MD
Mary A. MYERS Wife M Female MU 62 VA Keeping House VA VA
George M. MYERS Son S Male MU 29 OH Teaching School MD VA
Martha A. MYERS Dau S Female MU 27 OH MD VA
Nathan C. MYERS Son S Male MU 23 OH Working On Farm MD VA
Clarkson B. MYERS Son Male MU 16 OH At School MD VA
Lydia A. MYERS GDau S Female MU 13 OH At School OH VA
Ella MYERS GDau S Female MU 9 OH At School OH VA
Charlene MYERS GDau S Female MU 3 OH OH VA

Source Information:
Census Place Marion, Morgan, Ohio
Family History Library Film 1255053
NA Film Number T9-1053
Page Number 119C

Posted by bneson at 3:00 PM EDT

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